What Was Modernist Cat?

For anyone looking for ways to incorporate enhanced comfort for their cat into their home’s design, Modernist Cat was a haven. Founded in 2010 by Canadian ex-pats, this Seattle-based company aimed to create beautiful home décor that proved highly functional in pet homes. Offering everything from furniture to food and water bowls, Modernist Cat was a resource for beauty and functionality for the modern home.

a group of kitten friends

“Made for Pets. Designed for You”

Owning a cat isn’t always glamourous, thanks to litter boxes and gaudy cat beds and scratchers. Modernist Cat aimed to turn the traditional pet furniture system on its head by offering products that were, “Made for pets. Designed for you.” As dog and cat owners themselves, Modernist Cat understood the importance of functionality and accessibility in pet products. To make things even easier on the customer, all of their furniture was shipped pre-assembled.

Here’s what Modernist Cat had to say about their own products, “Creating a pet-friendly home means accommodating your pet’s natural instincts: sometimes those elements can be an eyesore! Modernist Cat has designed the perfect solution—furniture that gives your pets what they need and offers function for you too!”

A modernist cat

Blending Into Any Home Decor

Their products were made from high-quality wood and were designed to fit into vintage and modern home designs alike with mid-century, modular-type designs. Raised feeders, litter box cabinets with ventilation (like the ones shown here), and cabinets for napping were all part of the line of designs offered by Modernist Cat. The products blended seamlessly into home décor and featured customizable laminate finishes that were water-resistant and easy to clean. Customizable designs allowed for maximum blending in just about any home.

After eight years of offering high-quality, handcrafted furniture for your cat, the owners of Modernist Cat stepped back to pursue other projects. Due to the top-notch quality of the products, it’s safe to say that many pieces are still in excellent, functional condition to this day. Whether you needed a litter box cabinet that sat higher than most and was more accessible to you or an attractive cat bed or feeder, Modernist Cat aimed to fulfill that need for you. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, but Modernist Cat left behind functional, beautiful furniture in homes across the world.